Welcome to Tharpa Choeling Australia

Our new Buddhist centre has been established in Wellington New South Wales. Set in the grounds of a former garden centre, we offer meditation, Buddhist workshops, with many more activities planned for the future.

Tharpa Choeling was named by Venerable Geshe Thubten Dawa, a highly respected Tibetan master in the Gelug Buddhist tradition. Geshe Dawa's main teacher is the 15th Lab Kyabgon Rinpoche. We hold His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama as the head of our lineage.
The Wisdom of Compassion
His Holiness the Dalai Lama
with Victor Chan

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In the land encircled by snow mountains,
and the multiverses,
you are the source of all happiness and good,
All powerful Chenrezig Tenzin Gyatso
Please remain until samsara ends.
Current Practice

Heart Sutra and Prajnaparamita mantra recitation
Om Gate Gate Paragate Parasumgate Bodhi Soha
Gone Gone Gone Beyond
Gone Completely Beyond Awakened
So Be It!
“Therefore Shariputra, because there is no attainment, all Bodhisattvas rely on and abide in the perfection of wisdom, their minds have no obstructions and no fear. Passing utterly beyond perversity, they attain the final state beyond sorrow. Also, all the Buddhas who perfectly reside in the three times, relying upon the perfection of wisdom, become manifest and complete Buddhas in the state of unsurpassed, perfect and complete enlightenment.”