Tharpa Choeling, Wellington Buddhist Centre is situated in Wellington a small township in North Western New South Wales - between Dubbo and Orange.
The centre property is a former garden centre and was purchased in 2013 by Tharpa Choeling Inc. Since then our sangha and volunteers have worked dilligently to create a peaceful environment for our workshops, classes and for people to drop in and experience some "time out".

Below is some details on the centre and what you can find there.

Wellington Buddhist centre is open Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 1pm until 4pm. We are located at 166 Arthur St. (Mitchell Highway) and you can telephone us on 0268454661
Each aspect of the garden has a unique "room" which serves to give you a particular energy.

Plants have been specially chosen to enliven and enrich the senses and each room works in harmony with the seasons.

When you visit the centre you can take time to experience each room, sip some tea or coffee as you relax with the local wildlife of birds, insects, lizards and the centre cats!
Flush with lovely Bamboo this paved coutyard features a fountain and brand new seating. A rockery with small touches brings peace of mind and you will often find a cat or two will join you for a spot in the sun. The zen garden is a simple place in which to meditate, uncluttered.
A reclaimed bird aviary, the gazebo is often the coolest spot in summer. There you are joined by some of our gifted temple dog statues and you have ample seating to rest while reading or even for a chat with our Sangha or your friends.
Under guidence from Gen-la Venerable Tenzin we created a small garden in tribute to one of our Most Venerable teachers Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche. The garden at the front of the property houses a small plaque in His honor and has some of the most beautiful flowers including some wonderful succulents!
The Mandala garden room features a beautiful mandala fresco and is the perfect place to catch some winter sun. Planted out with lovely natives donated to us by Amanda Andrews as well as a huge fragrant peppercorn tree, there is seating and a large umbrella for when it gets a little warm. Visitors have remarked on the positive energy of the space.
Inspired by this wonderful Saint, our teacher Venerable Tenzin asked us to create a space in honor of Saint Francis of Assisi. Situated in front of our new mdeitation hall the room features a cute statue of the saint with some of the animals he cared for.
Housed in a sweet enclave, our two metre tall marble statue of the Buddha Quan Yin sits overlooking the centre, keeping an eye on things! The statue was donated by a Chinese Master from Melbourne and her canopy was donated by our Sri Lankan brothers and sisters from Dubbo. A beautiful space for relfection on life, compassion and love.
Our Enlightenment Stupa is situated at the front of the centre so as to bless all passers by on the highway, including the trucks of animals being sent to slaughter.
The stupa is a representation of the Buddha's mind, and is traditionally found in most Buddhist countries. The base of the stupa is made from the old wishing well which was part of the garden centre and is filled with prayers and other precious objects and was blessed by our teacher and abbess Venerable Tenzin.
Many people put in much work to create this wonderful monument including our sangha and our Sri Lankan brothers and sisters in Dubbo.
You can circumambulate the stupa to receive blessings or there is some low seating available for prayer. Speak to our monsatics about making some offereings!
Our newly completed Meditation hall is the perfect space for relaxing and unwinding. We run regular Yoga and Tai Chi classes for physical and mental health as well as a healing meditation class on a Sunday.
In the Gompa (Tibetan for meditation room) you will find our altars with offerings to the Buddha's, and our teachers, as well as two statues of Shakyamuni Buddha. A large Tara statue is also gracing the space and thangkas - traditional Tibetan art lines the walls, kindly donated to us by Gen-la Tenzin's students.
A large picture of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama sits above our throne made from reclaimed pallets, His Holiness is the head of our tradition and lineage.
You are welcome to come and sit in silence in the space or use it for reading or meditation when you come to visit :)
At the front of the property and running in front of the train we have a cosy shaded and paved area. A great spot for tea after a class or for practicing tai chi or walking meditation in the warmer months
A central space between the train, zen garden, dining room and gompa, the courtyard is shaded by beautiful big trees, frequented by lovely little birds and our HUGE cactus which has pretty pink night blooming flowers in late summer. A sweet little bridge and lantern pave way for our journey to good qualities and there is a riot of colour in the autumn months.
Our old railway carriage has gone through several incarnations over the years and now she houses our library, tea and coffee making facilities and a storage room. Inside is super cosy whatever the weather and there are lovely lounges to sit and read or have a cuppa. You will find our giveaways including guided meditation CD's, our small shop with incense and prayer flags and our wonderful library of self-help and beginners books on Buddhism and other forms of spirituality as well as DVD's and CD's. Membership to the library is an affordable $20 per year!
Outside to the rear is a lovely deck overlooking the courtyard, a perfect place to sit in the sun and enjoy the surroundings.
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