Blue Skies

What We Can Offer


We provide talk to community groups and organizations about topics related to Buddhadharma at our Centre.

Nursing Home Visits

We provide gentle meditation and exercise classes and visits to Nursing Homes for staff and residents.


Held at the Centre, we offer Workshops in Healing Addictions, Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Trauma, and many other workshop topics.

Shop & Markets

We attend monthly markets as well as having a shop available at the Centre with incense, prayer flags, malas and other items.

Prison Visits

We provide spiritual assistance to inmates and staff as well as classes in Meditation and Tai Chi, Mindfulness training and more.

Yoga and Tai Chi

We offer regular classes in Yoga with Meditation and Tai Chi with Meditation for healing and mental wellbeing.

Cloudy Sky
Cloudy Sky